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              PART 1

                I work with Volunteers for Wildlife,a rescue and education organization at Bailey Arboretum in Locust Valley.Trying to help injured,displaced or sick creatures can be heartbreaking;survival is never certain.However,when it works,it is simply beautiful.

                I got a rescue call from a woman in Muttontown.She had found a young owl(猫头鹰) on the ground.When I arrived,I saw a 2-to 3-week-old owl.It had already been placed in a carrier for safety.

                I examined the chick(雏鸟) and it seemed fine.If I could locate the nest,I might have been able to put it back,but no luck.My next work was to construct a nest and anchor it in a tree.

                The homeowner was very helpful.A wire basket was found.I put some pine branches into the basket to make this nest safe and comfortable.I placed the chick in the nest,and it quickly calmed down.

                Now all that was needed were the parents,but they were absent.I gave the homeowner a recording of the hunger screams of owl chicks.These advertise the presence of chicks to adults;they might also encourage our chick to start calling as well.I gave the owner as much information as possible and headed home to see what news the night might bring.

                A nervous night to be sure,but sometimes the spirits of nature smile on us all!The homeowner called to say that the parents had responded to the recordings.I drove over and saw the chick in the nest looking healthy and active.And it was accompanied in the nest by the greatest sight of all — LUNCH!The parents had done their duty and would probably continue to do so.

                1.What is unavoidable in the author’s rescue work according to paragraph 1?

                A.Efforts made in vain.

                B.Getting injured in his work.

                C.Feeling uncertain about his future.

                D.Creatures forced out of their homes.

                2.Why was the author called to Muttontown?

                A.To rescue a woman.

                B.To take care of a woman.

                C.To look at a baby owl.

                D.To cure a young owl.

                3.What made the chick calm down?

                A.A new nest. B.Some food.

                C.A recording. D.Its parents.

                4.How would the author feel about the outcome of the event?

                A.It’s unexpected. B.It’s beautiful.

                C.It’s humorous. D.It’s discouraging.

              PART 2

                A build-it-yourself solar still(蒸馏器) is one of the best ways to obtain drinking water in areas where the liquid is not readily available.Developed by two doctors in the U.S.Department of Agriculture,it’s an excellent water collector.Unfortunately,you must carry the necessary equipment with you,since it’s all but impossible to find natural substitutes.The only components required,though,are a 5'×5' sheet of clear or slightly milky plastic,six feet of plastic tube,and a container—perhaps just a drinking cup—to catch the water.These pieces can be folded into a neat little pack and fastened on your belt.

                To construct a working still,use a sharp stick or rock to dig a hole four feet across and three feet deep.Try to make the hole in a damp area to increase the water catcher’s productivity.Place your cup in the deepest part of the hole.Then lay the tube in place so that one end rests all the way in the cup and the rest of the line runs up—and out—the side of the hole.

                Next,cover the hole with the plastic sheet,securing the edges of the plastic with dirt and weighting the sheet’s center down with a rock.The plastic should now form a cone(圆锥体) with 45-degree-angled sides.The low point of the sheet must be centered directly over,and no more than three inches above,the cup.

                The solar still works by creating a greenhouse under the plastic.Ground water evaporates (蒸发) and collects on the sheet until small drops of water form,run down the material,and fall off into the cup.When the container is full,you can suck the refreshment out through the tube,and won’t have to break down the still every time you need a drink.

                1.What do we know about the solar still equipment from the first paragraph?

                A.It’s delicate. B.It’s expensive.

                C.It’s complex. D.It’s portable.

                2.What does the underlined phrase “the water catcher” in paragraph 2 refer to?

                A.The tube. B.The still.

                C.The hole. D.The cup.

                3.What is the last step of constructing a working solar still?

                A.Dig a hole of a certain size.

                B.Put the cup in place.

                C.Weight the sheet’s center down.

                D.Cover the hole with the plastic sheet.

                4.When a solar still works,drops of water come into the cup from   .

                A.the plastic tube B.outside the hole

                C.the open air D.beneath the sheet






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