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                31. The students spent as much time getting trained as they ____ studying.

                A. disliked B. were C. had D. did

                32. It was believed that things would get worse, but ____ it is they are getting better.

                A. before B. after C. because D. as

                33. As time went by, the plan stuck ____ fairly practical.

                A. to proved B. to proving C. proved D. to be proved

                34. More than one ____ the people heart and soul.

                A. official has served B. officials have served

                C. official has served for D. officials have served for

                35. The president stood by a window inside the room, ____, looking over the square.

                A. where I entered B. into which I entered C. which I entered D. that I entered

                36. Though I ____ to go abroad, I changed my mind and decided to stay with my family.

                A. had wanted B. wanted C. would want D. did want

                37. My brother is very tall. The little bed won't ____ for him.

                A. prepare B. match C. fit D. do

                38. ——Thank you so much for the lovely evening, Dennis.

                ——You're quite welcome, Julie. ____. We'd been looking forward to seeing you.

                A. Were glad to meet you B. I'm afraid you didn't have a good time

                C. Thank you for your coming D. Just stay a little longer, please

                39. Scientists say they have found a way to produce the human body's own cancer-killing cells through gene treatment, ____ new hope to cancer sufferers.

                A. offering B. showing C. taking D. making

                40. We are going to discuss the way of reading works ____ it is used for real life purposes, and this should give you a better understanding of it.

                A. that B. which C. where D. when


                31. D 本题考查学生分析句子的能力。只要学生看出as…as前后句式平衡,也就是:The students spent as much time getting trained as they spent (in) studying. 就不难选对D,此时did指代spent。

                32. D 本题要求考生会分析语意。本题联系到省略:but as it is going now, they are getting better(这和前面提出的would get worse作意义比较)。

                33. A 本题要求学生会分析句子。本题为省略which/that的定语从句,proved是the plan的谓语,stick to的宾语是which/that。

                34. A 本题考查主谓一致问题。more than one后跟动词的第三人称单数形式。serve此处为及物动词。

                35. C 考查定语从句。Enter为及物动词,先行词the room为其宾语,不需使用介词,也不能用where。非限制性定语从句只能使用which。

                36. A 考查动词的用法。want,think,intend,hope等表示人的想法或愿望的词可用一般过去时表示与现在情况相反的看法或难以实现的愿望,其过去完成时可表示过去未曾实现的想法或愿望。

                37. D 本题主要考查动词的意义. 用法区别。

                38. C 本题主要考查语境及英语在交际中的应用。根据句子的意思可知,本题答案选C,对某人的来临表示感谢。

                39. A 本题主要考查词义的用法区别。选项A意思是“给……提供”;选项B意思是“给……看,展示”;选项C意思是“把……带到”;选项D意思是“制造,制作”。根据句子的意思可知正确答案为A。

                40. D 本题主要考查对句子结构. 逻辑关系的理解及引导词的应用。根据句子结构reading works ____ it is used for real life purposes作定语修饰前面的the way;根据reading works与it is used for real life purposes的逻辑关系,空后面句子为状语从句,从而排除选项A. B;根据句子的意思:我们将要讨论阅读在用作真实的生活目的时如何起作用的方法,从而可知正确答案为





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