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                My name's Jim Shelley and I'm an addict(有瘾的人)...With these words I began to_1__the problem,the problem of my telephone addiction.I used to call people_2___,from the moment Iwoke up to the time I went to sleep,I__3__to be phoned, I wanted to phone,Just one morecall. It started socially --a few calls each day.

                It seemed__4___,just a quick chat Gradually though,the __5___got worse.Soon it was__6___use,until,finally,addiction. And it began to affect my__7___.During the day I would disappear for___8___call.If I couldn't make a call,I spent the whole time waiting for the phone to ring.Getting more and more__9___,in the end,I would ring someone,then someone lelse,__10___myself just one more call. I was phoning people and__11___messages to make sure__12___calls would see me through the day.I used to arrive at friends'homes and before the door was closed,go straight for the phone with the___13___"Is it OK if I just use the phone...?"At work,I became__14___when my fellow workers tried to__15___me from using the phone.And one day I hit mu boss(with the phone).finally the police caught me___16___a phone box that had take my last one pound coin,and I was__17___to see a psychiatrist(心理医生)。 I haven't__18__a phone in the house for three weeks now,and it's several days__19___I used a phone box.I try not to watch TV because there are__20___people on it mading phone calls.My name is Jim Shelley and I am an addict.

                1. A.face  B.find  C.accept  D.notice

                2. and then  B.all the time home work

                3. A.tried  B.asked  C.waited  D.invited

                4. A.polite  B.inportant  C.fine  D.special

                5. A.condition  B.situation C.result  D.effect

                6. A.frequent  B.regular C.unusual  D.particular

                7. A.friends

                8. A.a quick  B.a secret expected extra

                9. A.hopeful  B.delighted C.frightened  D.anxious

                10. A.forcing  B.telling  D.limiting

                11. A.leaving  B.taking  C.passing  D.recording

                12. A.long  B.immediate  C.enough  D.surprising

                13. A.saying  B.demands  C.with  D.words

                14. A.careful  B.mad  C.determined  D.helpless

                15.  B.reduce  C.protect  D.stop

                16. A.destroying  B.using C.stealing  D.emptying

                17. A.offered  B.guided  C.ordered  D.reminded

                18. A.missed  B.had  C.received  D.fixed

                19.  B.when  C.if  D.since

                20. A.always  B.just  C.more  D.different

                答案ABCCB ADADB ACDBD ACBDA


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