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                The battle was followed by a terrible storm. Therefore, it wasn’t until October 26 that Vice Admiral (海军中将) Collingwood was 1 to send off his report to Britain 2 the victory and Nelson’s death.

                He chose 3 the task one of the smallest ships in his fleet. Pickle, 4 by Captain Lapenotiere. In spite of 5 winds and rough seas. Pickle made the 6 of more than 1,000 miles in just over eight days, 7 Falmouth on the morning of November 4.

                From there. Captain Lapenotiere 8 a fast post chaise (轻便马车) to London, traveling 9 for 37 hours. He reached the Admiralty in Whitehall at 1 a.m. on Wednesday, November 6—less than 11 days after he had 10 Collingwood.

                Most of the officials had gone to bed 11 , but the secretary was still 12 in the famous Board Room. Lapenotiere hurried in and 13 the report with the simple words; “Sir, we have gained a great victory. But we have 14 Lord Nelson.”

                Copies of the report were quickly made and 15 to the prime Minister and King George III. A special edition of a 16 was rushed out and delivered all over the country.

                The atmosphere of public 17 for the victory was weakened by widespread sorrow the 18 of Nelson. As one poet later wrote; “The victory of Trafalgar was 19 , indeed, with the usual forms of rejoicing (欢庆), 20 they were without joy.”

                1. A. eager B. anxious C. able D. sure

                2. A. announcing B. telling C. mentioning D. warning

                3. A. with B. from C. for D. among

                4. A. seated B. brought C. owned D. led

                5. A. strong B. weak C. warm D. light

                6. A. leaving for B. arriving at C. staying in D. sailing for

                7. A. leaving for B. arriving at C. staying in D. sailing for

                8. A. made B. took C. kept D. sat

                9. A. freely B. aimlessly C. slowly D. continuously

                10. A. seen B. found C. told D. left

                11. A. long before B. long ago C. before long D. long after

                12. A. on leave B. on business C. at work D. at sea

                13. A. took over B. handed over C. gave out D. turned out

                14. A. defeated B. beaten C. missed D. lost

                15. A. sent B. carried C. suggested D. written

                16. A. book B. newspaper C. weekly D. magazine

                17. A. hope B. search C. desire D. happiness

                18. A. return B. failure C. beats D. injury

                19. A. congratulated B. celebrated C. gained D. reported

                20. A. and B. so C. for D. but


                1~5 CACDA 6~10 CBBDD 11~15 ACBDA 16~20 BDCBD


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