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                It was just getting dark; there was a touch of fog and I was on a lonely stretch of road. But I was going along cheerfully, thinking about the dinner I would eat when I 1 to Salisbury.

                I was going along 2 at about thirty-five miles an hour when suddenly I heard a scream, a woman’s scream---" 3 !" I looked round, but the only 4 of life was a large, black, rather suspicious-looking car just 5 a bend in the road about a hundred yards 6 . That was 7 the cry had come from. I 8 speed and went after it. I think the driver saw what I was doing, 9 he did the same and began to draw away from me. As I drew near, the girl's voice came again, a lovely voice but 10 with fear.

                "Let me go, 11 fool; you're hurting me. Oh! Oh!"

                I felt my blood 12 . The fog was coming down thicker now, the countryside was lonelier. The man in the car had no 13 noticed this. Again came a cry.

                "Drop the knife, fool. Oh!" Then a cry and a groan.

                If I was to save her, it was now or 14 . Perhaps even now I was too late. But if I couldn't save the girl, I would 15 try to bring the murderer to the police station. The car was only a couple of yards away now. I drove the bike right across its 16 , and its brakes screamed as the driver tried to pull it over and crashed into the ditch on the side of the road. The door of the car was pushed open angrily and a dark, evil-looking fellow stepped out, mad with anger.

                "Fool!" he shouted 17 he came towards me with his fist raised to hit me. But I was quicker than he. I put all I knew into 18 that would have knocked out Joe Louis. It caught him right on the ground without a 19 . I rushed to the car, 20 open the door and peered inside. There was no girl there. Suddenly from the back of the car came a voice.

                “You have been listening to a radio play. Murder in Hollywood, with Mae Garbo and Clark Taylor. The news will follow immediately.”

                1. A. reached B. arrived C. got D. led

                2. A. strangely B. quietly C. quite D. quickly

                3. A. Save B. Come C. Aid D. Help

                4. A. person B. sign C. figure D. form

                5. A. turning B. coming C. hurrying D. dropping

                6. A. off B. apart C. away D. far

                7. A. how B. when C. what D. where

                8. A. put aside B. put up C. put down D. put on

                9. A. and B. for C. when D. as

                10. A. filling B. nodding C. trembling D. covering

                11. A. you B. your C. yours D. you’re

                12. A. boil B. run C .come D. freeze

                13. A. sign B. effort C. doubt D. troubles

                14. A. late B. then C. ever D. never

                15. A. at most B. at least C. at last D. at first

                16. A. path B. direction C. behind D. trail

                17. A. before B. after C. as D. while

                18. A. an anger B. a beat C. a fist D. a blow

                19. A. word B. voice C. noise D. sound

                20. A. pulled B. pushed C. hit D. broke


                1~5 CBDBA 6~10 CDDBC 11~15 AACDB 16~20 ACDDA


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