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                1. I appreciate ________ to your home.

                A) to be invited

                B) to have invited

                C) having invited

                D) being invited

                2. I hope my teacher will take my recent illnessinto ________ when judging my examination.

                A) regard

                B) counting

                C) account

                D) observation

                3. You ________ all those calculations! We have a computer to do that sort of thing.

                A) needn’t have done

                B) must not have done

                C) shouldn’t have done

                D) can not have clone

                4. Important people don’t often have much free time as their work ________ all theirtime.

                A) takes away

                B) takes over

                C) takes up

                D) takes in

                5. When I was very young, I was terribly frightened of school, but I soon ________it.

                A) got off

                B) got across

                C) got away

                D) got over

                6. Many people complain of the rapid ________ of modern life.

                A) rate

                B) speed

                C) pace

                D) growth

                7. San Francisco is usually cool in the summer, but Los Angeles ________.

                A) is rarely

                B) rarely is

                C) hardly is

                D) is scarcely

                8. The speaker, ________ for her splendid speeches, was warmly received by theaudience.

                A) having known

                B) being known

                C) knowing

                D) known

                9. American women were ________ the right to vote until 1920 after many years ofhard struggle.

                A) ignored

                B) neglected

                C) refused

                D) denied

                10. I couldn’t find ________, and so I took this one.

                A) a large enough coat

                B) an enough large coat

                C) a large coat enough

                D) a coat enough large

                【答案】1-10 DCACD CBDDA


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