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                1.I we had to refuse the dinner invitation because of a——engagement

                Aprimary B. preceding

                C. prior D. prevalent

                2. I'd prefer him -th a key under the mat

                A. to leave B.le3ve C leaving Dleft

                3. He is the only one of the staff who_ to C hina

                A._ has ever been Bhave ever been

                C. has ever gone Dhave evergone

                4. It rained heavily last night; ——the

                A. in other words Bconsequenth

                C. in addition D. besides

                B5. The companies which are desperately aiming to reach females end up strengtheninp"Such Sexist stereotypes as "Girls like cooperative games, not action."

                A. paradoxical concepts

                B conventional opinion

                C. commonplace remarks

                D. prejudicial statements

                6. He was going away for the weekendand he wanted to relax basking in the relief of a

                job well done.

                A. relishing B. luxuriating

                C. reveling D. rejoicing

                7. Those are all the strict regulations that paralyze economic activity

                A. block Bparabola Cstop Dsustain

                8 I was essentially working under your leadership

                A profoundly Benduringly

                Cbasically Dnecessarily

                9. Even if Colon bias message does at last get through toWashington's "slow students" free trade agreement may still fall victim to the Democrau’general lack of passion for free trade

                A.desire B. enduringly C. basicals D .necessaris

                10. in this pan of the count.——is generally considered a disadvantage for men

                A. being Short B.shorto

                C not to be tall D. not tall

                【答案】1-10 BAABB ACCBC

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