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                1If you have your door through online grocers, many archive yourt have to recreate a shopping list every time you order.

                Aactivate Brecord C. discount D. subtract

                2. He unleashed a torrent of corn plaints about his colleague, who would flare up at the slightest provocation.

                A. lodged B. released

                C.ignored D. submitted

                3. A California man has defaulted on nine homes and expects banks to ——on all of them

                A. ransom D. foreclose

                4. Before starting, the compam"'s approval is a prereouisit

                A. requirement B. request

                C. presuppose D, precondition

                5. Most technology, __for good purposes. can also be used for evil

                A. if to be designed B. Though designed

                C. when to be designed D. until designed

                6. I don't fear death__it is not very painful.

                A. unless B. until C. as far as D. as long a.

                7. He lost his heart to her almost at once. Never did he retrieve it

                A. rebuff B. recover

                C. reciprocate D. abnegate

                8. Nobody in the firm likes to keep company with her. for she is so cranky a person

                A. mean B. candid C. eccentric D. cruel

                9. Corporate America has vastly over-complicated the role of a leader.

                A. virtuall, B. immensely

                C. ghosth D. ghasth

                10. I don't think those curtains __ver y well with the wallpaper

                A. suit B. go C. fit D match

                【答案】1-10 BBDDB DBCBB

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